Blue Fifty I Technologies for people and the environment


The name of the company refers to the idea that guides all our activities. By 2050, we aim to create a sustainable economy that enables the rational use of natural resources and reduces the consequences of environmental impact. We specialize in initiating and developing businesses that help to achieve these goals.


The objective of our projects is to improve people's lives and the environment. As we strive to create a sustainable economy we focus on businesses that will contribute to using resources more efficiently and reducing environmental impact. Our portfolio of projects consists of the following initiatives:


Safe water, free from Legionella

BlueCare provides a variety of services and technologies to ensure safe water in any building, using  solutions tailored to individual needs.

Safe water for people
Elimination of water-related hazards
Reduction in temperature and water consumption


Plant-based proteins

BlueBean is a project to realize the first TVP (Texturized Vegetable Proteins) plant in Poland. The plant is to process locally grown crops into high-quality texturized plant protein, whichwill be used to produce meat substitutes.

Healthy, plant-based foods
Reducing the carbon footprint
Sustainable process scheme


Wind turbines for businesses

BlueWatt’s wind turbines, which are 10 kW, 45 kW, and 80 kW, can help agricultural and other businesses become energy independent.

100% renewable energy
Reduction of toxic emissions
Lower energy and service bills


Circular olefins production

The production facility will process circular methanol into ethylene and propylene, which can be used as feedstock for the chemical industry.

First of its kind circular facility
Sustainable base chemical production
Closing the loop with carbon recycling


Our company was founded in 2014. Our team is a group of individuals who are committed to implementing projects in the spirit of sustainable economy and environmental protection. Together we are changing the world for the better!

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